Think Phase

Think Phase:
Your Roadmap to Success

Rokk3r Labs's Think Phase is a unique and tailored offering to help derive the roadmap that will bring your idea to market. What we have learned from offering over 100 Think Phases over the course of 3 years is that each entrepreneur and company follows their own path or roadmap to bring their ideas to the market. We support entrepreneurs and companies through our Think offering which is further defined by the 5 categories below:


Are you an entrepreneur or company looking to rapidly analyze and validate your ideas or product? Our team of strategists and entrepreneurs in residence work with you to challenge and shape your product and vision and bring it to reality. This offering includes the following mix of services:

  • Market Analysis
  • Technological Feasibility
  • Competitor Review
  • Exponential and Business Model Canvas
  • Exponential Strategy
  • Product Definition
  • Experiment and Market Validation Design

Are you an existing company whose growth has stalled or operating in a competitive market that may limit your growth? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur or company looking for the appropriate launch and growth strategy for your new product? Our team of growth hackers and technologists can put the right strategy in place and guide you through the implementation in order to keep your company on the path to success. This offering includes the following mix of services:

  • Launch Strategy
  • Growth Hacking Recommendations
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Product Market Fit
  • UI/UX Review

Are you looking to rapidly design, build and test your product idea through the use of prototypes, mockups, or customer experiments. Our experienced team of strategists and developers can help bring your product, idea or feature set to the market quickly in order to test assumptions and run specific experiments. This offering includes the following mix of services:

  • Mobile/HTML prototyping
  • UI/UX design, Experiments and Market Testing
  • Clickable prototype
  • A/B Testing
  • User Journeys
  • User Interviews
  • Code Review

Are you looking to strategically raise funds for your idea or business? Our team of investor relations experts and entrepreneurs in residence work with you on the materials and strategy necessary to help you craft the right story for the right type of investor to fuel and grow your company or idea. This offering includes the following mix of services:

  • Pitch Coaching
  • Investor Relations Experts
  • Investor Deck Creation and Strategy
  • Access to leadership team of Rokk3r Labs to review and assess investment materials
Enterprise Innovation Solutions

Are you a large organization looking to move quickly and innovate within your company while educating and inspiring your leaders on the principles of exponential organizations (ExO)? Are you looking to rapidly spin off new products or companies using in house talent or a mixture of internal and external expertise? Throughout our partnership with ExO Works and the Fastrack Institute, we bring years of experience and strategy in building exponential organizations which manifests itself in 3 distinct offerings:

  • ExO Advisory
    • Customized Workshops
    • Innovation on the edge
  • Sustained Innovation
    • Company Cobuilding Partnership
    • Chief Exponential Officer
  • Startup Partnership Strategies
    • Merge, Invest or Acquire Startups