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The managers and directors at Rokk3r Labs are industry leaders who have a proven and profound understanding of how to lead and grow a company.

Nabyl Charania

Leadership - Chief Executive Officer

Nabyl Charania is Co-Founder and CEO of Rokk3r Labs, where he shapes the global vision, direction, and expansion of the company. Nabyl is anathema to “technology thinkers” who simply pontificate about web and mobile technologies. He is a doer and an executioner with a track record. Prior to cofounding Rokk3r Labs, Nabyl built software companies and guided them to successful exits. With a focus on exponentially growing the Rokk3r Labs portfolio of companies, Nabyl oversees investor relations, worldwide partnerships, and Rokk3r Labs’s intellectual property portfolio.


Previously, Nabyl has built and grown successful software companies, developed R&D teams as well as managed over 200 direct reports as the Director of Engineering at Convergys Corporation. His legacy includes developing and deploying SMS billing platforms, downloadable ring-tone systems, developing a global VoIP/SIP based call center architecture, and driving large-scale reduction of global deployment costs through smart IP based tools. Nabyl transitioned to Convergys when Opence Inc., the software consulting start-up he played an integral role in forming and growing from a 2 person to a 20 person team, was acquired by Convergys.


Nabyl is a mathematician by education and is a strong believer in applying analytics, game theory and social trends in developing algorithms, software and products that are not only functional, but are intuitive and fun to use.

Germán Montoya

Leadership - Chief Strategy and Creative Officer

Germán Montoya is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy & Creative Officer at Rokk3r Labs. He sets, communicates and executes the strategic direction of Rokk3r Labs and its portfolio companies. As a creative leader, Germán is responsible for developing new and engaging ways to enhance value and recognition of the Rokk3r Labs brand globally.


Previously, Germán was part of the DDB family, and served as part founder of the specialized mobile unit Rokk3r. Before that, Germán led Cyclelogic’s strategic and commercial efforts as Marketing Vice President for 4 years. Other experience includes 8 years as consultant for Accenture, spending most of his time in strategic functions within the financial services industry.


Germán is a Cornell University economist. Germán believes technology is today’s biggest creativity driver. New thoughts and ideas are made possible thanks to new technology, and due to the democratization powers of mobiles and other wireless technologies. He is passionate about creating for the new world.

Juan Montoya

Leadership - Chief Operating Officer

Juan Montoya is a Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer at Rokk3r Labs. He leads key strategic legal, financial and operational initiatives critical to Rokk3r Labs’ expansion plans. Juan oversaw the initial operational growth and expansion of the company in the US and Colombia and was instrumental in establishing the infrastructure that supports products and companies in the Rokk3r Labs portfolio today. He is well versed in global business, strategy, and operations.


Prior to co-founding Rokk3r Labs, he worked as an economist and consultant, leading teams of consultants in projects for private and public institutions in multiple industries.


His past clients include The US Treasury, IFC/World Bank, Freddie Mac,Univision and the CIA, among others.

Andrea Arnau

Leadership - Chief Growth Hacker

Andrea Arnau is Chief Growth Hacker at Rokk3r Labs, where she is responsible for achieving growth for its portfolio companies and selective external clients with strong Massive Transformative Purposes (MTP). Her focus is on improving companies’ main business metrics through creatively “hacking” traditional marketing strategies and tactics with the sole purpose of achieving exponential results.


Before joining Rokk3r Labs, Andrea was co-founder and partner in Tribal DDB Colombia, Tribal DDB Latin America and Chef Company. She successfully led brand and digital strategy as well as business development for large multinational organizations, local businesses and startups.


Her entrepreneurial spirit plus her insatiable curiosity has brought Andrea to work in different companies and geographies. She is passionate about new technologies and believes that good professionals can collaborate from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. She describes her ideal job as one where she can work with interdisciplinary teams of people who are both talented and nice.

Ernesto Noboa

Leadership - Partner

Ernesto Noboa is a Rokk3r Labs Partner. He works together with the leadership of Rokk3r Labs in setting and executing the strategy in order to expand Rokk3r Labs’ relevance in Latin America, seeking to add value to the global portfolio of Rokk3r Labs exponential ventures.


In addition, Ernesto serves as Academic Director and innovation / entrepreneurship professor at IDE Business School in Ecuador. Previously, he was co-founder and partner in Lösning Business Solutions, a management and innovation consulting firm based in Ecuador. He also worked at Corporación Jabonería Nacional, a consumer goods company founded by his great grandfather in 1911 and sold to Unilever in 2000.


Ernesto is a writer. In 2012, he published the innovation book El Modelo 206. In his literary career he has published five poetry books, and plans to publish his sixth in 2017.


Ernesto is passionate with the idea of dismantling mental and physical frontiers and barriers, especially in this digital era. He has lived 13 years between USA and Spain. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from IESE Business School, an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton.

Ricardo Noboa

Leadership - Partner

Ricardo Noboa is a Rokk3r Labs Partner. He works together with the leadership of Rokk3r Labs in setting and executing the strategy in order to expand Rokk3r Labs’ relevance in Latin America, seeking to add value to the global portfolio of Rokk3r Labs exponential ventures.


Before joining Rokk3r Labs, Ricardo was co-founder and partner in Lösning Business Solutions, a management and innovation consulting firm based in Ecuador. He also worked at IB Partners, a Chilean based investment bank with presence in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.


Ricardo graduated as an economist from the University of Pennsylvania and has an MBA degree from IDE Business School. He is also certified by the innovation company Foursight and has taken project management courses.


Source vets the ideas of hundred of clients every year to find not only great ideas, but partners with the expertise and resources to truly lead a digital platform.

Aurelia Crews

Source - Director Rokk3r Source

Aurelia Crews is a Director in Rokk3r Source, where she engages with local, national and international business communities to identify target entrepreneurs for the Rokk3r Labs Think Phase, the entry point into the Rokk3r Labs portfolio of companies. She also develops key strategic partnerships with corporations, educational institutions, angel investors and VCs to further facilitate the growth process for Rokk3r Labs entrepreneurs and the brand.


Previously, Aurelia was Vice President of Business Development for the joint venture between Magic Johnson and Edison Learning. She also held senior business development positions at Cisco and Microsoft, where she built multi-million dollar accounts, and led global sales strategy implementations.

Sebastian Chavarria

Source - Director Rokk3r Source

Sebastian Chavarria is a Director in Rokk3r Source, where he engages with local, national and international business communities with a focus on Latin America to identify target entrepreneurs for Rokk3r Labs and develops key strategic partnerships with corporations, educational institutions, angel investors and VCs to grow the Rokk3r Labs portfolio. Previously, Sebastian served as Executive Director of Veritas DDB, a leading communications group which owns Omnicom affiliates DDB, Tribal and Fleishman Hillard.


Cobuild is the core process at Rokk3r Labs. During this phase the best ideas from think phase are executed by our team of strategists, creatives and engineers. This is where visions are transformed into real companies

Lorenzo de Leo

Cobuild - Managing Director Rokk3r Cobuild

Lorenzo De Leo (Ph.D) co-leads a team of over 65 product designers, engineers and business strategists working with partner entrepreneurs to develop digital products and launch companies. Lorenzo manages a comprehensive deconstruction, evaluation and rethinking process for ideas that could turn into Rokk3r Labs portfolio companies. He leads a cross-functional team through the development of strategic visions, models and roadmaps that give each idea in the Cobuild process the highest chance for additional investment, scalability and profitability.

Farhan Lalji

Cobuild - Managing Director of Rokk3r Labs EMEA

Farhan is Partner and Managing Director of Rokk3r Labs EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia).  He leads the strategic growth and operations of Rokk3r Labs in the EMEA region. Farhan works to develop the influence of Rokk3r Labs’ brand and builds relationships with targeted categories of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors.  He has built a world-class team in Europe, and works with them to evangelize the cobuild approach through strategic pitches, campaigns and projects.


Farhan started his career as a developer, product manager, and management consultant, and transitioned to Yahoo! as head of customer acquisition where he managed the operations for their European display advertising campaigns. Farhan completed his executive MBA at London Business School.


Brian Sanchez

Cobuild - Director of Technology Innovation

Brian Sanchez is a cofounder of Rokk3r Labs and the Managing Director of Technology Innovation. Brian defines, implements and supports the core of Rokk3r Labs’ Technology Platform, related products and intelligent algorithms. He cross-pollinates technologies and standards across Rokk3r Labs portfolio companies, and leads the invention of new engineering solutions. Brian has successfully built and exited his own software startup.


Brian’s endless arsenal of technical abilities and equally impressive management and software architecture skills combined with his innate curiosity to dissect and utilize emerging technologies make Brian a critical part to the Rokk3r Labs team.

Marco Aramburo

Cobuild - Managing Director Colombia

Marco Aramburo is a Director of Build at Rokk3r Labs in Colombia, where he manages a team of over 40 product designers, engineers and analysts working with partner entrepreneurs to develop digital products and launch companies. He oversees all operational activities for the Rokk3r Labs in Colombia, and works with Rokk3r Labs Partners to grow the company’s brand across Latin America.


He studied Architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and since then founded his own web studio, creating applications for private and public companies for 12 years. After that he worked in the production area in Mass Digital, part of the Lowe Group in Bogota Colombia. During that time he was a consultant to major brands and television networks in the areas of ecommerce and social media.


Marco is passionate about technology, and a firm believer in its power to improve quality of life and reduce costs globally.

Team Members

  • Sari Azout

    Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Mike Rolfe

  • Megan Conyers

    Senior Strategist
  • Samantha Ledezma

  • Jide Adebayo

    Senior Startup Strategist
  • Juan Torres

    Senior Product Architec
  • Andrei Piza

  • Lina Valencia

  • Camilo Martinez

    Lead Product Engineer
  • Angela Vega

    Lead Product Engineer
  • Ruben Godoy

    Lead Product Engineer
  • Edison Galindo

    Lead Product Engineer
  • Diego Ribero

    Lead Product Engineer
  • Ivan Gonzalez

    Senior Product Engineer
  • Mauricio Pradilla

    Senior Product Engineer
  • Daniel Diaz

    Backend developer
  • Camila Cardona

    Senior Front End Developer
  • Natalia Castellanos

    Backend developer
  • Luisa Gonzalez

    Backend developer
  • Diego Santiesteban

    Senior Product Engineer
  • Leonardo Vernaza

    Senior Product Engineer
  • Jonathan Vargas

    Product Engineer
  • Jhon Tovar

    Product Engineer
  • Andrés Calderon

    Hardware Engineer
  • Alvaro Ardila

    Product Engineer
  • Juan Carrera

    Product Engineer
  • Camila Ardila

    Talent Manager
  • Melanie Levy-Hara

    UI/UX Designer Intern

Talent & Culture

Naheem Charania

Talent & Culture - Partner

Naheem Charania is a Partner at Rokk3r Labs, and leads a specialized tactical unit dispatched across high-value internal and external projects including Global Recruiting, Marketing & Public Relations. Naheem works with the CEO and Chief Strategy & Creative Officer to execute strategies related to Rokk3r Labs daily operations and its future vision.


Naheem Charania joined Rokk3r Labs after a career in management consulting where he spent time at BearingPoint, a global management consulting firm, and the Carly Rian Group, a boutique firm.


Naheem’s management consulting experiences span across multiple industries and top tier clients, in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, business process redesign, and risk & compliance.

Luis Buitrago

Talent & Culture - Creative Director

Luis Buitrago is a Partner and Creative Director at Rokk3r Labs. Luis works with the CEO and Chief Strategy & Creative Officer to manage the company’s creative and brand vision and sets the strategy for how the Rokk3r Labs brand can reach the largest target audience. Luis is deployed across special high value internal and external projects including internationalization of the Rokk3r Labs brand.


Prior to working at Rokk3r Labs, Luis worked for several years at DDB worldwide and Tribal DDB.


Luis has led several projects in the US and Latin America for global brands such as McDonald’s, State Farm, Clorox, Wrigley’s & Volkswagen, among others.

Rokk3r Fuel

Jeff Ransdell

Rokk3r Fuel - Founding Partner & Managing Partner

Jeff started his business career at age 14 when he started his first company. By the time he was 24 he had built and sold 3 startups. After studying Finance and International Finance he joined Merrill Lynch in 1994 as an advisor to private clients. Over the coming 20 years he held many senior level leadership roles on Wall Street and helped redefine the financial services offering at Bank of America Merrill Lynch post 2009 as a member of the operating committee reporting directly into the head of wealth management. In his last role, Jeff was ultimately responsible for entrusted global private client investment assets of $138 Billion.


Jeff is fully licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) covering all asset classes including venture capital, financial planning, selling of publicly traded securities, and supervision and control of financial securities broker-dealers. His licenses include Series 6, Series 7, Series 9, Series 10, Series 63, Series 65.


His experience as a Senior C-Level executive with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within start-ups, turnaround and rapid change regulated environments both domestically and internationally has given him a conservative perspective into Venture Capital investing.


His international finance knowledge has been critical to our thinking about opening access for offshore clients to participate in US venture eco systems. His years of leadership development have been instrumental in helping our investment founders think through the strategies of building their companies and leading their teams.

Jonas Temple

Rokk3r Fuel - Rokk3r Fuel Founding Partner / Managing Director

Jonas Tempel can be best described as a creative entrepreneur. He began his entrepreneurial journey by founding Factory Design Labs, Inc. in 1996. Factory humbly started as a boutique graphic design firm and matured into a full service creative agency servicing a roster of global clients.


In 2002, Jonas joined with friends to incubate a new venture aimed at disrupting the record store retail model. As a long time DJ, Jonas saw the early emergence of digital content and sought to create a global e-commerce platform to help accelerate the migration from physical to digital retail. In January 2004 the team proudly launched, which permanently altered the global retail landscape. Over time, Beatport further grew to become the leading cultural icon of electronic dance music providing a global catalog of content uniquely organized to meet the demands of professional DJs and their fans. Jonas successfully lead all fundraising efforts including the $1 million angel round and the $12 million Series A investment led by Insight Venture Partners. From 2002-2010 Jonas served as founding partner, CEO and Chairman. Beatport was sold in 2013 to SFX for $60 million.


Upon leaving Beatport, Jonas was recruited to Los Angeles to help design and implement the initial strategic foundation of Beats Music, a sub brand of Beats Electronics or better known as Beats by Dre. Beats Electronics was sold in 2014 to Apple for $3.2 billion. Beats Music was subsequently rebranded and is today called Apple Music.


As well as founding companies, Jonas is also an investor and board member in many exciting ventures in the media and tech spaces. He continues to focus his entrepreneurial spirit on building new businesses and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.


Paul J. Landaiche

Rokk3r Fuel - Managing Principal

Paul Landaiche is Managing Principal of Rokk3r Fuel. Before joining Rokk3r, Paul was the founder and managing director of Elite Practice Management, which helped successful entrepreneurs scale their businesses through innovation and technology.


He is the former Director of RIA Growth at Dynasty Financial Partners, a firm that provided investment professionals with a suite of services and solutions to develop their wealth management practices. His primary responsibility was to oversee the merger and acquisition activity of many of the most successful Registered Investment Advisors in the industry.


Prior to that, Paul spent 15 years at Merrill Lynch leading over 1,000 wealth management and private banking professionals, spanning from sales teams, to operations teams and support staff. His experience as an advisor, consultant and executive at Merrill Lynch, representing over $15 billion in assets and $100 million in annual revenue, makes him a leader in the financial services industry, as his business units consistently displayed exponential growth rates and were lauded for exceptional client relations.


Paul is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College and has served on the boards of Goodwill Industries, Ronald McDonald House, the Florida Grand Opera and the Symphony of the Americas Society. He also supports numerous charities including the American Cancer Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Tocqueville Society of the United Way, Catholic Charities and the Bruce Museum.

Christopher Staley

Rokk3r Fuel - Rokk3r Fuel Principal and Analyst

Christopher Staley is Principal and Analyst of Rokk3r Fuel. Prior to this, Christopher was the second employee at Rokk3r Labs and has helped grow the company to over 100 people, in 6 global cities. He has been an integral part of building a portfolio of 40 companies and has managed the full product life cycle for 4 of Rokk3r Labs’ portfolio companies, thus bringing a hands-on approach and experience to company building.


Most recently, at Rokk3r Labs, Christopher worked directly with the CEO to manage Public Relations initiatives and to identify growth opportunities for the portfolio companies. Prior to that, Christopher was in charge of defining and executing innovative business development strategies, including engaging with local, national and international business communities to identify target entrepreneurs for Rokk3r Labs. During his time in this role, Christopher was responsible for the majority of new sales and lead the entire process, from lead generation to contract negotiation and closing the sale. Additionally, he developed key strategic partnerships with corporations, educational institutions, angel investors and VCs to grow the Rokk3r Labs portfolio.


His first two years at Rokk3r Labs were focused on managing and working alongside product architects, designers, strategists and engineers to implement the Rokk3r exponential methodology. This included defining the first versions of each platform to be launched, by managing the entire discovery, design and development process, through to the delivery to the partner and launch to market.


Christopher is originally from Switzerland, was raised between Lugano, Zurich, London, and graduated from university in Boston. Throughout the course of his global upbringing not only did he become fluent in 4 languages with conversational skills in 2 others, but he brings a very unique perspective to company building.

Chris Kilroy

Rokk3r Fuel - Managing Principal & Head of Global Distribution

Chris Kilroy is a Managing Principal and Head of Global Distribution for Rokk3r Fuel, with responsibility and oversight of the distribution of Rokk3r funds to our private client partners and institutional intermediaries. Chris brings more than 20 years of investment experience to our clients and partners with roles that have included National Sales Director for AIG/SunAmerica Asset Management and Western Divisional Manager for The American Funds, an 85-year-old organization who manages more than $1.4 trillion of client assets. Chris was the co-creator and distribution leader of one of the largest all-equity closed end funds in Wall Street history with the launch of the Focused Growth Fund. He has been the recipient of several awards including the AIG career achievement award. Chris holds series 7, 63, 65 and 26 licenses.