The fusion of entrepreneurial vision and professional execution that transforms ideas into exponential companies through collaboration, cobuilding is the art and science of the collective genius.


Rokk3r Labs is a company cobuilder. We align our skills with entrepreneurs’ passions to build exponential companies. Our team of strategists, creatives, and engineers digest problems, understand business, and create the technology platforms that drive business forward. In partnership with entrepreneurs, we cobuild amazing companies.


This cobuilding philosophy pervades not only our relationships with entrepreneurs, but also between ourselves. Rokk3r Labs embraces a culture of cooperation and community. We believe in pair programing, collaborative design, and group brainstorming. Our team executes on a global scale with a personal dedication to our portfolio companies, and to each other.

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The research and development team at Rokk3r Labs is constantly evaluating, creating, and implementing cutting edge technology. These advances are made available to our portfolio of startups throughout their growth.


Our Legal and Finance team has years of expertise supporting exponential organizations, and is primed to remove all obstacles that our startups face.