A New Dawn

Harness global collective genius

to cobuild companies that change the world


We are living in an era of unparalleled technological advancement. Advances in computing power, decrease in computing costs, miniaturization of chipsets and increased data storage capabilities are enabling the rise of exponential technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence, 3D/4D Printing, Drones, Robotics, Nanotechnology, ICT & Mobile tech, Massive Data Intelligence, and Biotechnology amongst others. While human beings are linear (we haven’t had a software or hardware update in 50 million years), we are creating technologies that are exponential by taking advantage of all the computing power available to us.


Over the next decade, 3 billion new minds will gain access to the Internet. These new minds represent not just trillions of dollars of commerce, but they represent the new visionaries, the disruptors, data scientists, developers, analysts and the new global community who are going to change the world as we know it.


These factors lead us to a game-changing conclusion: The basis of our economy as we have always believed it to be – driven by supply and demand – has fundamentally shifted to an information based economy.




Exponential Organizations


We believe that companies that know how to take advantage of rising exponential technologies and can set themselves up as exponential organizations to leverage the new information-based global economy, are poised for success. These companies from around the globe will tackle challenges that once were solely in the realm of big corporations and governments.


Our goal is to cobuild companies that are not only at the intersection of exponential technologies, but companies that are setup to be exponential organizations - companies that are built from the ground up to take advantage of the shift to an information based economy.


Rokk3r Labs is a unique platform where we partner entrepreneurs with our strategists, creatives and engineers to design, build and launch exponential organizations (a process we call “Cobuild”).


When Rokk3r Labs decides to partner with an entrepreneur or corporation, we create a “startup-cell” around the idea. This “startup-cell” acts with the speed and urgency of a true startup. This “startup-cell” which becomes the entrepreneur’s team is built as an exponential organization responsible for the ideation, validation, design, technology, product roadmap as well as launch and growth of the company.


The Rokk3r Labs infrastructure and platform supports not only the genesis and ongoing cultivation of the cell but also provides additional resources (business development, investment, recruitment, legal support, training, toolsets) as well as guidance from experienced entrepreneurs in residence (via steering committees) whose prime objective is to oversee and align the strategic vision of the cell through its life-cycle as a company.













Rokk3r Labs is a unique platform where we partner entrepreneurs with our strategists, creatives and engineers to design, build and launch exponential organizations.