One of the main reasons startups fail is the lack of adequate and/or timely funding. Nevertheless $500B of investor money are squandered each year in companies that ultimately do not succeed. With clearly abundant capital, the opportunity is in how, when and where to invest it.


Coinvest seeks to provide the investment opportunity and necessary financial backing at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey, and is an integral part of the “Idea to Exit” ecosystem.  It provides the catalyst for companies to realize their full value, while  increasing potential returns for investors and entrepreneurs. 


We have now amplified investment opportunities ranging from early stage company investments, later stage company investments, Rokk3r Fuel fund investments and public company investment.




Rokk3r Fuel


Rokk3r Fuel is a $150M venture fund that will invest approximately 70% of deployable capital into early stage ideas that go through the Rokk3r Labs platform. Rokk3r Fuel general partners Jeff Ransdell, Jonas Tempel, and Lionheart Capital represented by Ophir Sternberg and Ricardo Dunin are all recognized industry leaders that share our vision of abundance, asymmetrical risk, the exponential opportunity and risk reduction through controlled company building dynamics.


Rokk3r Fuel will make funds available to Rokk3r Labs companies at the idea stage and will support selected companies with further follow-on investments up to series B rounds.  In addition to funding companies within the Rokk3r Labs ecosystem, Rokk3r Fuel will also invest in exponential companies at large. With a large and cultivated network of funds, corporations and educational institutions, Rokk3r Fuel will provide access and risk mitigation across the board, ensuring that our investors always have access to the best ideas and deals regardless of origination.