A New Way to Invest

How can one maximize their opportunity while mitigating the vast risk in early stage technology investments?


Classically, investors would have to develop an extensive portfolio before they could achieve a positive return on investment. However, sourcing, approaching, vetting and investing in quality entrepreneurs and startups is a massive endeavor  (let alone growing each investment into a viable company). In the end, those who are successful in this market are often those who get lucky.


At Rokk3r Labs, we see the need for a new way to invest. Investing with Rokk3r Labs means you’re invest in a proven platform that mitigates risk, and a team that has consistently transformed ideas into viable companies.



Rokk3r Labs is a unique investment opportunity that delivers both real time profit and equity development in 20 companies cobuilt by professional entrepreneurs and the Rokk3r Labs team every year.

Coinvest with us


Rokk3r Labs is a unique platform where entrepreneurs partner with our strategists, creatives, and engineers to cobuild and launch amazing companies. This platform enables us to not only source, vet, and partner with the right entrepreneurs and deals, but do so in a manner that is both profitable and results in strong equity positions in 20 viable companies every year. This sustainable, risk mitigating combination of real time profit and equity development is unheard of in the investing world. If you’re ready to invest in a proven methodology and team, then coinvest with us.